Wednesday, November 30 at 18:00h

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OpenAI + HandCash

1 hour livestream to build a product using OpenAI + HandCash. The audience picks a project.

The people

Meet our Streamers

  • Alex Agut

    CEO & CoFounder

    Product designer & Marketer. He will take care of the UX and make the product feel magical. Adding buttons, borders and shadows.

    Powered by Tailwind.

  • Rafa Jimenez

    CTO & CoFounder

    Software engineer. He will take care of the invisible to convert the idea into reality. API integrations over here and some state management over there.

    Powered by NextJS.

The rules

A unique livestream format

Development tutorials are cool, but we want to take it to the next level.

People choose

The community picks which project to build based on donations. Vote with your money!

Only 60 minutes

Only 1 hour to build a project from scratch using OpenAI and HandCash.


As a developer, you will learn how to use HandCash in real products.

The tools

Combining modern frameworks and APIs

Next JS
Tailwind CSS
Open AI

The stuff to build

Pick a project

The project that collects more donations will be picked for the livestream.

Restaurant review generator

Pay $0.10 to redact a review for a restaurant by just adding the name and checking some boxes about the quality of the service, food, location…

16.97 USD

10 donations

Two AI bots chatting with spectators

Two AI bots chatting and spectators can “superchat” for $0.10 to modify where the conversation is heading.

14.51 USD

7 donations

TLDR; for Medium articles

Paste a link to a Medium article and Pay $0.10 to get a summary.

8.00 USD

4 donations

Generate an image from a description

Pay $0.10 to generate your own illustration. It could be specific to some particular kind of image (like avatars) and define some styles (realistic, 3D, abstract...).

3.68 USD

6 donations

Story generator

Pay $0.10 to generate a story given some initial words. Continue the story and keep extending it for $0.02. You can also define some narrative styles (sarcasm, aggressive, terroristic, fun,…)

2.25 USD

3 donations


“We want to demonstrate that integrating HandCash is extremely easy, flexible and powerful. And also, to have some fun with a new format of livestream!”

Rafa Jimenez
CTO, HandCash

Got any project ideas?Submit us your proposal

We would love to hear your proposal. Just make sure your idea contains Open AI + HandCash. We could make your idea into reality!

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